Welcome to NaNoBoston, the wicked fun place to be for Boston area National Novel Writing Month participants! If you’re new to the event, to Boston, or both, check out our About Us page for more information on NaNoBoston and NaNoWriMo.

If you’re interested in attending local events, then you’ve come to the write place (see what I did there?)! Here you can find out what our events are all about as well as when and where they are!

Calendar of Events
Most of the events will be at the end of October, throughout all of November, and the very beginning of December. Check the NaNoBoston Official Event Calendar below to see what’s happening, when, and where.

Kickoff Party

Where it all begins. A social gathering, held the Sunday prior to the start of
November, to meet local WriMos and get yourself psyched up for November

Regional Write-In

A group writing event set up by your Municipal Liaisons and usually held in a
public place, where Wrimos gather to write their novels.

Satellite Write-In

Similar to a regional write-in, a satellite write-in is an event where Wrimos gather
to write their novels. Satellite events are organized by participants for participants.

Thank Goodness It’s Over Party

The end-of-NaNoWriMo celebration held the first Sunday in December.

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