About Us

National Novel Writing Month is that crazy event where participants attempt to write a 50,000 word novel in a month. To learn more about it and how it works, check out NaNoWriMo’s Official “About Page”.

So you know what NaNoWriMo is. 

What is NaNoBoston?

We are the local chapter, encouraging Boston area Wrimos to have fun and write their fingers off every November!

The NaNoBoston Motto

“There is a book in you that only you can write.” — Chris Baty, founder, NaNoWriMo

“I hate writing. I love having written.” — Dorothy Parker, bon vivant

Our goal as a region is to make sure that everybody has a positive experience
in November. We want participants to feel empowered to write a novel in a month, to
have fun, and to look forward to returning year after year. 

Our Wrimos are the reason that NaNoBoston and NaNoWriMo exist. We couldn’t do this without you! 

So! On your mark … get set … write!

Your Municipal Liaisons

MLs are charged with setting up local events in their region including write-ins, a Kick off Party, and a Thank Goodness It’s Over Party. We also send out weekly pep talk emails to the region and moderate the region’s forums on the NaNoWriMo website. 

Both Jordan and Travis have been MLs in Boston, MA since 2006. We’ve stopped doing the math, but we hear that’s a long time!

 Jordan (QueenOfTheUniverse)

I’m the one behind our Instagram feed!

Fun Facts: I have a greyhound named Adrien, after the main character in Josh Lanyon’s Adrien English Mystery series.

Travis (tkphotog)

The guy behind all of our beautiful design work on our merch and the wonderful photographs* of every event.

Fun Facts: I have lived in six countries on two continents and can order a Dr Pepper in five languages.

*Unless otherwise noted, all photography credit on this website goes to Travis.

Your Executive Committee Members

The EC are the support personnel for the MLs. They help out with our social media and setting up at events, among other things. We couldn’t do the awesome job we do without them!

Alicia (aliciagregoire)

Past Social Media Maven and current Awesome Helper, ready to step in with random acts of kindness whenever we need her.

Fun Facts: I have a toddler who takes up a lot of my time. My cat-babies still haven’t decided if they like her or not.

Riz (EmpressRiz)

Past Donation Empress. Current Awesome Helper, willing to step in with random acts of kindness whenever we need her.

Fun Facts: I am a proud ELMO recipient, curmudgeon, and a fount of useless knowledge (unless you are a writer).

Sarah (SarahBiglow)

Our current Social Media Maven, looking after our Twitter feed and Facebook group.

Fun Facts: I love binge watching TV. I once binged 5 1/2 seasons of Lost in 2 weeks while studying for law school finals

Past Executive Committee Members

Brandon (bschory)

Creator of the Satellite Write-In Guide and our first webmaster who still steps into the role on occasion when we think the world will explode if we push the wrong button.

Tom (SocioTom)

Organizer of the 24-Hour Write-In which was popular for several years, and is no longer an active event.

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