NaNoBoston — and our phenomenal Wrimos — have always excelled at raising funds for National Novel Writing Month.  Our Wrimos’ generosity has shown itself at the Donation Station (present at every regional event), in raffle ticket purchases, and in merchandise.

The NaNoBoston Store

The NaNoBoston Store is now online!  Now, in addition to in-person purchases at NaNoBoston events, Wrimos (and your friends and families — share the link!) can now buy NaNoBoston merchandise from anywhere.

We have an exclusive collection of Noveling Buddies by Patricia McMahon and Karla Hailer on sale.  These unique, handcrafted items are made especially for NaNoBoston, and are always a hit.   Visit Patricia’s Ravelry store to see more of her exotic creations.

Check it out to see what new and exciting items we’ve rolled out for 2016!

Administrative Notes

Items in the NaNoBoston store, door prizes, and raffle prizes are often donated by our Wrimos (and we love you for it!).  Wrimos wishing to donate items should speak with our Marketing Director, Riz (EmpressRiz).

Check back for other fundraisers as the month progresses.

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