Social Media & Contact


Social Media

Travis is a professional photographer and takes a lot of photos of our events. These can be found on some of our social media accounts below. If you’re ever at an event and you don’t want your picture taken and/or posted to social media, just let us know.

      NaNoBoston Facebook Group

A free-for-all of NaNoBoston information including event details and photos.

      BostonNaNo Instagram Feed

Here you will find photos of our events and basic event information.

      BostonNaNo Twitter Feed

We like to post word and writing prompts via Twitter every day during November.


Contact Us

If you have an important question you can’t find answered at (on the site in general, or on our Boston forums) or, or if there’s an issue you think we need to know about, we want to hear from you! However, we urge you NOT to use the NaNoMail system on the NaNoWriMo website, as we very rarely check it, even during November.

Instead, please email us! This address will reach us both. And if you don’t hear back from us within 24-48 hours please don’t hesitate to poke us again.

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