The Boston region of National Novel Writing Month has developed a series of customs and traditions since 2006. From our new mascot to our sticker gallery, you can read about each one below. 

Scrivener Q. Bunny

Scrivener Q. Bunny is NaNoBoston’s mascot and very own Plot Bunny!

The Community Story

Our community story is a fun way for folks to work on a story together!

The Goal Board

A visual way to see and share your progress at write-ins!


The story of Merlene, the one-heeled drag queen of Waxahatchie County, is an epic tale you don’t want to miss!


Every year we acknowledge outstanding participants who go above and beyond!

NaNoBoston Passports

Your ticket to the official NaNoBoston events!

NaNoBoston Stickers!

Every year we create a new sticker that we give away at our Kickoff Party to help bring enthusiasm to novel writing.