The ELMO Award & Mascot

Elmo leans on Merlene

At the end of every National Novel Writing Month in Boston from 2006 – 2015, prizes were awarded to wrimos who distinguished themselves in some way. While the prizes were all equally desirable, the first among equals was the “Excellence in Literary Monthly Overachievement,” or ELMO, award. But why ELMO?

Elmo, the Sesame Street character, became the unofficial mascot for NaNoBoston in 2006 when Travis and Jordan caught sight of a truck behind them with two Elmo dolls tied to the front grille. At that moment, tired as they were after scouting write-in locations all day, they thought it was very funny and resolved to make Elmo the mascot.

ELMO award winners received a certificate extolling their achievements, along with an Elmo doll and the appreciation of their fellow Boston wrimos.

ELMO Award Winners:
2006 – Swain (Mageta)
2007 – Viv (irascible)
2008 – Randy (The Wordspinner) & Brandon (bschory)
2009 – Tom (SocioTom)
2010 – Brandon (bschory)
2011 – Alicia (aliciagregoire)
2012 – Karla (Pikagirl)
2013 – 
Riz (EmpressRiz)
2014 – 
Sarah (Sarah E. Biglow)
2015 – 
Megan (sinistmer)

Elmo and Merlene are best of friends!